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Information on ADVANCE

What is ADVANCE?

ADVANCE is a program for parents whose CPS caseworker believes is experiencing or has experienced Domestic Violence. It is a combination of a class that meets weekly over the course of eight weeks, covering topics related to Domestic Violence and Parenting, AND free access to our expert Advocates. Our Advocates have expertise on the Texas CPS System and others such as the Civil and Criminal Court Systems, Crime Victims’ Compensation, Law Enforcement/Police, types of Protective Orders, other orders for safety, and more. 


The class topics are: 


Intimate Partner Violence Overview 

Impact of Person Using Domestic Violence on Children 

Positive Parenting 

Self-Care and Self Esteem 

Boundaries and Communication 

Gender Socialization 

Civil and Legal Remedies 

My caseworker says I need to do ADVANCE. What do I need to do?

If your caseworker has submitted an ADVANCE referral, one of our staff will be reaching out to you within two business days of receiving the referral. We call from a restricted/unknown phone number for the safety of our clients. It’s okay if you do not answer; be sure your voicemail is set up and isn’t full so we can leave you a message. We will also send you an email to the email address your caseworker provided to us. 

Is it required?

Your CPS caseworker may require or strongly encourage you to participate in ADVANCE. Denton County Friends of the Family does not require clients to participate in any service, so please confirm your CPS caseworker’s expectations with them. 

How much does it cost?

ADVANCE and all of our additional services are FREE! 

I don't agree that I am experience or have experience Domestic Violence. Why have I been referred?

Your caseworker has determined that your current or past romantic partner’s behavior fits their definition of someone who is using Domestic Violence. One of the things we discuss in our ADVANCE program is how we and CPS define Domestic Violence. It’s more than just physical violence! Learn more here:


Who are the staff involved in ADVANCE?

Nicole Owens | 250

ADVANCE Facilitator


Taylor Gleitz | 245 

ADVANCE Facilitator


Sarah Lehman | 258

ADVANCE Advocacy Coordinator


Alicia Cabral | 243

High Risk Advocate


Khadijah Benford | 264

High Risk Advocate

Denton County Friends of the Family