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Counseling Services

Helping Survivors Heal From Trauma

What Types of Counseling are Available?

  • Child and Adolescent (3-17)
    • Individual
    • Group
    • Play Therapy
    • Parent Consultations
      • This is REQUIRED for services.
  • Adult (18+)
    • Individual
    • Group

Why Group Therapy?

A group counseling format provides a challenging and supportive environment in which members can explore and discuss their concerns with peers and professionals. It offers more than an individual perspective on issues and challenges its members to see things from multiple vantage points.  


Within the group setting, members have the opportunity to practice new ways of interacting with others, as well as be challenged to think about the way they currently interact. The trust and support received from the group make it easier to try out these new behaviors. Group counseling also provides members with the opportunity to receive and give help or feedback to their peers. 


Another advantage of group therapy is that it helps people recognize that they are not alone in their concerns. Realizing that others have experienced similar difficulties can be an encouraging and empowering experience. Hearing and sharing different ways of coping with similar problems may help one develop new ways of managing their life.  


Group can create an environment that mirrors one’s experience outside of group. The difference however of having a controlled and safe environment often helps members to find the confidence it takes to try new things. Once the change occurs inside group, making changes outside becomes easier.

An intake is required to receive counseling services. Call our Crisis Line at 940-382-7273.

*Services rendered are on a case-by-case basis as each individual client’s needs are different. All clients of DCFOF must do an intake in order to identify the services needed to serve them in the best way.

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