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24 Hour Crisis Hotline for Survivors of Sexual Violence and/or Domestic Violence




Survivors Advocacy Team (SAT)

What is the Survivors Advocacy Team?

Survivors Advocacy Team members (SAT) provide an invaluable services to victims of domestic and sexual violence. SAT members meet and accompany victims to Denton County hospitals for a forensic exam (SANE) or other medical treatment or to local police stations for follow up interviews. Trained SAT members receive a call from the Denton County Friends of the Family crisis line when a victim is sent, taken or shows up to the hospital and requests a SANE exam or when law enforcement calls and requests an advocate for an interview. The SAT’s most important job is to support victims and their families with kind, supportive words and a listening ear. SAT members provide information about the free help and services that victims can receive through Denton County Friends of the Family, for instance, counseling, advocacy, and Crime Victim’s Compensation (CVC).


Why be a SAT Volunteer?

These rewarding volunteer opportunities are an amazing way to step foot into a non-profit agency and be client-facing. You will gain experience in the dynamics of relationship violence and sexual assault while working with trauma survivors to make a difference in your community. SAT gives you the opportunity to volunteer in a caring, professional atmosphere with accessible staff and peer support while adding professional skills to your resume. SAT volunteer positions have flexible hours with shifts being an on-call basis.

How do I become a SAT Volunteer?

Due to requirements by the Office of the Attorney General, and the nature of the work, SAT volunteers are required to go through an extensive 40-hour training program in order to be able to serve on the SAT team. These trainings take place over the course of 4 weeks in the evenings with the first and last day being held in person at our Outreach office and the rest of the trainings held via zoom. Please note that the four weeks is all one training broke up into different sections, you must attend all sessions in order to be a SAT volunteer. 

For more information, please contact Abigail DeShazo, at

Denton County Friends of the Family