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24 Hour Crisis Hotline for Survivors of Sexual Violence and/or Domestic Violence




Advocacy and Legal

Supporting Survivors as they Navigate the Legal and Community Support Systems

What is an advocate?

According to The National Center for Victims of Crime, victim advocates are professionals trained to support victims of crime. Advocates offer victims information, emotional support, and help to find resources and filling out paperwork. Sometimes, advocates go to court with victims. Advocates may also contact organizations, such as criminal justice or social service agencies, to get help or information for victims. Some advocate staff crisis hotlines, run support groups or provide in-person counseling. Victim advocates may also be called victim service providers, victim/witness coordinators, or victim/witness specialists.

Advocacy Services Provided by Friends of the Family*

*Services rendered are on a case-by-case basis as each individual clients’ needs are different. All clients of DCFOF must do an intake in order to identify the services needed to serve them in the best way. Please call our Crisis Line at 940-382-7273 for an intake.

Denton County Friends of the Family